Family life vs. freedom

I was leaving the company where I used to work with. Some people in my team came to visit me to greet me goodbye. I saw in their eyes that they were both sad to see me leaving and envious, as [...]

Make your exit plan!

If you are unhappy where you are and are thinking to quit, make an exit plan. Don’t walk away angry, in khmer we say “kheung khoh, kheung khat” (literally, anger makes you wrong, anger makes you lose).

FB talks !

I must say that I spend a lot of time on FB, scrolling for the interesting posts, I wished someone could make a quality selection for me. FB having become the social n°1 in Cambodia, it is also [...]

One life

Today I want to talk about one of my friend Diane. When we were younger I think we reciprocally felt in competition. First because we both have strong personalities and secondly,

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